Consent is sexy as hell

Consent always felt like a given. If I told him yes, that’s consent right? Because I said yes and gave him permission…but that’s so wrong and I’ve been living a lie.
Because there’s a point in any sexually charged situation where things begin to intensify. The things you initially said yes to have been performed and there’s something new beginning.
So where was the question? Did I give you consistent again? Not the sexy moaned out “yes” but a fully conscious yes of consent.

Not about to expand on my life too much but let me just say that when you’re with a progressive, educated, enlightened, aware, and caring partner who truly understands the implicit & explicit power dynamics that are present during sexually charged situations and challenges them while challenging your body….I mean it’s a beautiful thing.


Small Talk Bores Me to Pieces

We talk about movies, tv, food, and etc. etc. 

Too bad I just want to by pass all of that and ask you what you crave when you’re lonely or turned on, what inspires you to keep fighting even when it seems pointless, what makes you tick to the point where you could scream, what do you love? Like really love. 

I know the basics. I want to become acquinated with your dark/deep/corky/naughty/exciting/passionate/gooey-mushy-messy-fun-shit feelings and thoughts that makes you the person I have not stopped fantasizing about since middle school… 

Clueless Intelligent Beauty, come on….spill the beans. 

Two types of people who can’t look at you in the eyes:
Someone trying to hide a lie,
And somone trying to hide a love.
- (via whitebeyonce)

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